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What is Lalasell

LaLaSell is a C2C used phone auction platform.

Seller simply upload the phone's into and photos, and then it will list on our auction platform. On the other hand, buyer just did what's their favorite phone or direct purchase it. After buyer made payment, we will run diagnostic the phone & verified it on behalf buyer. Last, we will ship it to buyer and Seller get the payment too.

How it work?

For Seller

Upload Phone's conditions

Set start Bid Price or Sell Offer Price

Approved, Auction On, View Live Bidding

Ended Bidding, Ship Your Phone

Received Payment

How it work?

For Buyer

Bid / Buy

Make Payment

Verified & Checking Phone

Received Phone


4 Reason Why Seller use LaLaSell to sell their phone

Quick & Easy

Upload your phone's conditions & Pcture in just couple minutes.

Secure Deal

We make sure Buyer make full payment, then only ship your pone to our technician center.

Protect Privacy

We use professional data erase software to wipe out all your personal data.

Get Paid

After done for phone checking, you'll get your payment.

Our Guarantee

What make Buyer feel trust of us?


Place bid or direct buy phone outright. All under your choices.

Certified Report

Our professional technicians will thoroughly checking & verified seller's phone conditions.

Online Payment

Multiple payment options to pay your item.

Extended Warranty

Purchase extended warranty to coverage your phone up to 12 months.


Ship it after our technician checked & verified.

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To Provide the best shopping experience, we are recommend seller & buyer use Mobile Phone to browse our site.